As an experimental mixed media semi-abstract artist and photographer,  there is nothing more
exhilarating to me than tapping into what I call "a collective stream of consciousness", a place
where unlimited possibilities exist. 
My journey as an artist began over 28 years ago painting colorful semi-abstract Southwest landscapes in oils and watercolor. Captured by collage and  mixed media, and mor recentlly photography,  the direction of my work has changed dramatically over the last few years.  Although I still love to do traditional collage and paint, my "paint brush" is now often through the lens of a camera, iPhone or iPad.  I enjoy taking photographs of almost anything I find interesting and in-the-moment...nature, spontaneous un-posed street scenes, things blurred and moving, and the odd and unusual.  Then, as a collage artist, I play with the images on paper, canvas, or the computer, overlaying and subtracting until the piece speaks to me.
   Transparent images of my own shadow can often be found in my work  - a personal signature allowing me to become both observer and  participant in my own creations.  

"A Moment Relished" Photo Collage on Paper
(A piece in a series entitled "Conversations with Sol Lewitt."  Photos taken of his retrospective at MASSMOCA
collaged into with elements of my artwork and shadow image)

"Blue Mood L.A." Digital Photo Collage
(Digital images taken in DTLA collaged and abstracted on the computer)