SUSANNE BELCHER, a Los Angeles-based native Californian, is an award winning semi-abstract mixed media artist and photographer.  She began incorporating photography and sometimes writing into her paintings and collages several years ago.  Her experimentation with transparency film, scanning images, layering, overlaying and collaging these elements into her creations extended her visual language.  Her images are always compelling, whether minimal or complex, and retain a consistent emotional narrative that is unique, sophisticated and often surreal and mysterious.  Her innate ability to distill images through layers of reduction and compilation in mixed
 media provided a natural transition to digital photography. She often superimposes her own shadow image into her work to become both an elemental participant as well as an observer. Her current work continues to be impacted by her ongoing interest in photography, architecture, her background in psychology, love of nature,  sustainability, symbolism and things spiritual.

Susanne, a former health care professional, has a doctorate in Psychology, is an ardent nature lover, and is an active member of Women Painters West, Thousand Oaks Art Association,  California Art League,  San Fernando Valley Arts & Cultural Center, SF Valley Camera Club,  and sits on the Board of the Fine Arts Club of Pasadena and Collage Artists of America.   She has exhibited in Germany, galleries throughout the Southern California area, and her work is held in both private and corporate collections throughout the U.S. and Europe.  She is a Represented Artist at LACDA (Los Angeles Center for Digital Art) and a featured artist at GDCA (Gloria Delson Contemporary Arts Gallery) in DTLA.  Susanne was a founding partner and represented artist of the former Abbot Kinney Art Gallery (Venice, CA).  She is also co-author (with nature writer, Christine Baleshta) of  "Looking for 527" (an art/essay book about an iconic Yellowstone Alpha Wolf killed in the first Montana wolf hunt)   (Available on, eKindle and Extended Distribution through Amazon where all royalties are sent directly to Yellowstone Park Foundation's Wolf Project).